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We offer top services of luxury and safe transportation. The state-of-the-art car and our many years of experience ensure pleasant transportation with comfort, style and safety.

Airports | Stations | Ports

Transport to and from airports, ports and train stations. Moving to central passenger points becomes a comfortable, easy and enjoyable experience.

Company Service

Comfort, security, and confidentiality are our top priorities when transporting executives and employees. It is our goal to ensure that you are able to work without distractions.  

Visits to Tourist Sites

Visit major attractions in comfort and safety. See important monuments up close, walk the streets that Socrates, Plato and Aristotle walked and taught, and become part of the history.


Visit, comfortably and with absolute safety, some of the most beautiful places in Greece. Enjoy the warm hospitality, taste the Greek cuisine and get to know better the country that “gave birth” to democracy and theater.


YourVan is here to make sure everyone enjoys the occasion, whether you are heading to church or moving to the ceremony site. You, your family members, or your friends can enjoy this moment in style, comfort and safety.

Students and Children Transport

Absolute safety, comfort and ease of movement of children and students is a non-negotiable rule for our company. Our modern vehicle has all the necessary safety equipment and our driver is distinguished for his many years of experience.


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The brand new and state-of-the-art Mercedes Vito can carry up to 8 passengers with absolute comfort and safety. The vehicle has the most advanced safety equipment. Our guide is distinguished for his many years of experience and special abilities for safe and discreet transportation.

High Quality Transportation

Contact us for trips that meet the highest requirements.

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Transportation must be distinguished by three characteristics. Safety, Comfort and Excellent Service can contribute significantly to the enjoyment of every move. With YouVan, travel becomes a pleasure.